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Pristine – Oxford dictionary definition – Clean and fresh as if new; spotless

At Pristine Washroom Services we are passionate about cleanliness. It’s what we do. We provide excellence in all matters relating to your washroom services and hygiene needs throughout London and nationwide ensuring an environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe environment for your staff, customers and visitors.

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We are washroom specialists…

Washroom services and hygiene is too important to hand off to an FM supplier, the health and safety of your staff and visitors could be compromised. As a result many of our clients are long-standing knowing that we provide a service they can trust.

As a professional and long-established washroom service company we work with clients both in London and throughout the UK across a wide range of sectors from sports stadia to corporate offices.

No two washroom companies are alike. We believe in a tailored approach and pride ourselves on working closely with clients in defining a schedule that will best meet your needs in providing a cost-effective service that you can rely on.

Call Pristine Washroom Services on 01279 652176 now to find out how we might help you and for a free no-obligation quote.


The latest washroom service and hygiene products

Our extensive range of innovative products have been designed to complement any washroom environment from Football Stadiums to Executive Suites. Our Commitment is to listen and understand your specific needs so that a tailored service meets your specific requirements. Through a constant dialogue with manufacturers we are able to offer washroom services that incorporate the latest washroom product innovations and technology.